Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday, March 25

What a hectic day. After taking an early walk around the neighborhood, we packed up, checked out & headed to UNICEF for a meeting with Mr. Amit Mehrotra of UNICEF. Mr. Mehrotra is the Water & Environmental Sanitation Specialist, and he had a lot of great information to share. He shared some studies with us that were done by UNICEF on contamination of water supplies, and on hygiene behaviors. He said bacterial contamination of water sources is a huge problem, and hasn’t received much attention. We will be contacting him to get additional information, since he is working in the same areas as WFP.

We dashed off to the airport for our trip from Lucknow to Vadodara, Gujarat (via Mumbai) for our team meeting tomorrow & a tour of the ITT facility. At the hotel, we ran into several of the other volunteers, who we thought were staying in Ahmedabad – Nikki, Debra, and Paul. It was nice to meet other team members in person, and we look forward to meeting everyone else tomorrow, and sharing our experiences. After the meeting, some team members are flying home, and a few others are leaving Saturday. I will be staying a few days to visit my family in Ahmedabad, and will try to update the blog when I get a chance.

Public toilet near the hotel.

Streets are quiet in the morning.

The hotel staff gathered to say goodbye. The woman on the right in the orange & red sari is named Sharmila too!


  1. Actually Thursday Update from a tired little blogger.

  2. I am sure that you are exhausted from all the traveling. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the family! Have a great time and please e-mail when you have a chance! Love ya!